Scoota is Back

Here are some New Releases for your NR lovers out there. Nothing but Raw shit coming from Canada for your Ears. As Scoota has developed as an artist, the journey has lead him to through different musical styles. While learning more about the art of Music, he developed a diverse portfolio of songs including Dance, Reggae, Hindi-Rap, Pop, and other genres of music. This summer Scoota has tapped back into those Southern Roots-making Banging Ass Rap Music for you fans that have been there since the beginning. Enjoy!

Scoota New Release

Play this Shit. Bang this Shit

Here is a sneak peek to what is in store for yall for the rest of the summer. Nothing but Heat. A few crackin songs to get you on that level.

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Random Album

Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Every year, Scoota and Cliche go into the community to give back and show love to what we like to call our B3F's(for Big Three F's),who consist of our Family, Friends, and Fans. Although this happens every year, this is Classic No Regrets Footage from our archives.